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Derek Sargent I have lived in the Torridge and West Devon Constituency with my wife Marjorie and our two daughters since October 1988.  I am a ‘West Country’ native having been born and educated in Dorset.
 My parents both come from working class families and very humble surroundings. I am the product of the social mobility revolution which came about through the extensive education I received from the State system. I have travelled extensively in my military and business careers and, as a result, have gained a great knowledge base of other peoples and their concerns.

Education and Background

Hoops Inn I was educated at Swanage Grammar School in Dorset to ‘A’level standard, and in 1965 on completion of my education and wanting a life of adventure and travel, I joined the Royal Marines.
In 1988 at the end of my Service Career, my wife and I bought the Hotel and Public House known as the Hoops Inn at Horns Cross, near Bideford. It was a very busy time working in the hospitality industry but we made many friends in the area and amongst our staff, many of whom are still in touch with us today.
After five years, we sold our business and moved to Clovelly and for the next eight years I secured a unique job as a Security Consultant for the Chevron Oil Company in Angola, West Africa. I only spent six months of each year abroad and thus I was able to retain my ties with many people in the area and with the beautiful county of Devon.

Commercial Career

On completion of the contract with Chevron in 2001, I became a Benefit Fraud Investigator with North Devon District Council until 2004 when I decided to form my own company and became a Benefit Fraud Consultant and obtained contracts with Brentwood and Newham Councils in Essex and East London. I was responsible for teaching new investigators how to conduct thorough and professional investigations into ‘benefit fraud’ cases. In between teaching others, I undertook the investigation of the most serious and complicated cases.
In due course, as my contracts in London reached completion I became an investigator for the Insolvency Service in Exeter, again working as a consultant.
During my career, I have gained much knowledge about benefit fraud legislation and about the personal every day traumas encountered by ordinary people. I’m new to the political world but have a practical, realistic and sympathetic understanding of the aspirations of the residents of Torridge and West Devon.

Military Career in the Royal Marines

Although I have had a varied and successful career in business, a major influence in my life was the time I spent in the Royal Marines. It was also the most successful and rewarding period of my life.
After training, I was drafted to 42 Commando in Singapore and spent an exhilarating eighteen months in the Far East - travelling to Australia, Hong Kong, Borneo, Aden and Malaya as an Elite Royal Marines Commando specialising in Amphibious and jungle warfare. Upon returning to the UK, I spent the next six years at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon as a Weapons Instructor. I was then drafted to 41 Commando in Malta in 1974 which took me to Cyprus, Sardinia, Corsica and more Jungle Training in Brunei.
In 1977, after eleven years service and holding the rank of Sergeant, I was commissioned as officer in the Royal Marines, receiving the Sword of Honour for passing out top of my Commissioning Course. The next twelve years were spent on board HMS Bulwark, in 40 Commando and at the Commando Training Centre. I travelled extensively to Northern Ireland, Norway and Germany. I retired in 1988 with the rank of Captain Royal Marines.
I continued my Association with the Royal Marines by becoming the North Devon Branch Chairman of the Royal Marines Association for ten years and am currently the Branch President.   
I am a National Trustee of the Charity linked to the Association and am a member of the Financial and General Purpose Committee. I am also the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal organiser for Westward Ho! and Northam.
In 2013 our team raised over £4,000 for the Appeal.


Marjorie and I have recently taken up Caravanning! Last year we embarked on a five week, 4,000 mile tour of Europe taking in Belgium, Germany, the lakes of Northern Italy, Venice, Vienna and Saltzberg before heading north into Normandy, France. We amazed our friends and relations by embarking on such an adventurous journey for what was our first caravanning holiday. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
My other hobbies include ‘do it yourself’. I have quite a record having completed two self-build housing projects, one in Westward Ho! and one in Aylesbeare near Exeter. Most people say once is enough when completing one self-build project, but I am obviously a glutton for punishment.
My values in life are based on a strong Christian upbringing given to me by my parents who always strived to give their children the best possible education within the constraints of a working class family. I am the second eldest of eight children but I consider myself lucky to have been brought up in the beautiful Dorset countryside enjoying the mainstays of my childhood, Scouting and the Church Choir.

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